The Single Queue Diagnostic Pathway

The Single Queue Diagnostic Pathway (SQD) means that patients who need certain types of further tests are able to have the first appointment that’s available, even if it’s not at their usual hospital.

If you or a loved one have been offered tests on the SQD pathway, you can find more information on this page, including a patient leaflet, and some leaflets from each of the different hospitals.

If you are a clinician looking for more information, you can find it by clicking on the button below. 


Image Guided Lung Biopsy

If you are being referred for an image guided lung biopsy you can find some more information in this section. There is a general leaflet below, or if you know which hospital you will be attending, you can find the information leaflet that is specific to that hospital.

Hospital Specific Leaflets


If you have had tests on the single queue diagnostic pathway we would love to hear your feedback. You can complete our patient feedback survey by clicking on the link below.