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If you would like more information about CURE or smoking cessation, please contact the Make Smoking History Team at the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership via their contact form.

The CURE project is a comprehensive secondary care treatment programme for tobacco addiction. The aim of the programme are to systematically identify all active smokers admitted to secondary care and immediately offering nicotine replacement therapy and other medications, as well as specialist support for the duration of the admission and after discharge.

The term CURE has been specifically chosen to ‘medicalise’ tobacco addiction and move away from the stigma of a lifestyle choice to disease treatment. Treating tobacco addiction must become part of the core activity of all clinicians in every part of the hospital.

Additional information

By applying the Ottawa Model outcomes to the estimated 52,780 smokers admitted to acute hospitals in Greater Manchester over the course of 1 year, the following benefits are expected:

  • If 13.3% were readmitted at 30 days and we reduced that to 7.1% we would save 3,273 admissions at 30 days

  • If 38.4% were re-admitted within 1 year and we reduced it to 26.7% we would save 6,176 admissions at 1 year

  • If 11.4% died within 1 year and we reduced that to 5.45% we would save 3,141 lives in 1 year

  • 18,473 successful 4-week quitters in the first year

The estimated savings from prevention of readmissions by applying the Ottawa Model to Greater Manchester is £9,937,184 per year.

Furthermore, the average length of hospital stay in England is 5 days (NGS Digital Data 2015-2016). The CURE project is estimated to save 30,880 bed days per year, equivalent to 84 additional beds per day across Greater Manchester.

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