Education for Primary Care

Healthcare professionals working in Greater Manchester can benefit (for free) from GatewayC Live webinars developed by and featuring leading specialists. This webinar explores the common presenting symptoms of skin cancer, concerning lesions, key characteristics, common differential diagnoses, dermoscopy, the impact of COVID-19, and the referral pathway in Greater Manchester.

Visit GatewayC to view the webinar.

Alternatively, you can view the “Fast Facts” video below, or download our useful skin cancer infographic.

cutout showing top corner of "Skin Cancer - think A-G" infographic

Skin Cancer – think A-G

Click here to download our helpful infographic produced in collaboration with GatewayC.

Skin Cancer 

12 tips to identify Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Irregular or asymmetric pigmented lesions

Dermoscopy: Be aware of the ugly duckling

Assessing colour, shape and size