Mastalgia (breast pain)

Breast pain is a common problem that can happen to many women in their lifetime.

There are many different types of breast pain. Breast pain which relates to monthly cycles and hormones and pain that occurs outside of this time. It is also common for women to complain of breast pain but the pain is from the underlying nerves and muscles in the chest wall.

Breast pain alone is unlikely to be linked with a breast cancer and doesn’t always need investigation with mammograms or ultrasound scans. In many cases simple reassurance and patient education provided by primary care is enough. However, a small number of patients will require specialist reassurance in secondary care.

The Greater Manchester mastalgia (breast pain) pathway

The Greater Manchester mastalgia (breast pain) pathway is a telephone-based specialist clinic for patients with a single symptom of breast pain where reassurance cannot be given in primary care. Patients will be triaged into the clinics by professionals in secondary care. A full assessment will be taken. Patients will be given an explanation of their pain along with a treatment plan. If there are any concerns raised by the specialist, then a face-to-face appointment will made for the patient.