Lung Cancer Pathway Board

This page contains information from the Greater Manchester Cancer Lung Pathway Board and the work they are undertaking. If you are affected by lung cancer, or you are worried about symptoms, please visit one of the links below.

Key People

Lung Cancer Board Document Library

The Suspected Cancer Referral Form for Lung and Pleural can be found here.

Psychological support for patients

Serious men and women sitting in a circle during group therapy, supporting each other.

Find our Directory of psychological support for people affected by cancer in Greater Manchester and East Cheshire here

Primary Care Resources

Healthcare professionals working in Greater Manchester can benefit (for free) from GatewayC Live webinars developed by and featuring leading specialists. The webinar will refresh your lung cancer knowledge, enable you to hear the latest pathway information, and listen back to a Q&A session.

Visit GatewayC to view the webinar.

Alternatively, you can view the “Fast Facts” video below, or download our useful lung cancer infographic. Links are also included to other relevant GatewayC training modules.

lung cancer infographic