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Urology Cancer Update for Primary Care Professionals

Who, What & Why?

For GP’s, GP Trainees, Practice Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners


GM ‘straight to test’ prostate cancer diagnosis accelerated pathway
New GM Bone protection policy for prostate cancer patients
Urological cancer treatment summary update
Patient and User Involvement in the review of treatment summaries

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Previous Events

Health and Wellbeing Workshop – 16th May 2019

Introduction: From Health and Wellbeing Events… to Health and Wellbeing Information and Support

Meeting the Needs of People “living with” an Advanced, Progressive Illness

Accelerating Innovation across GM

Digital Futures – Living With and Beyond Cancer; Which Way Now?

Health and Wellbeing Planning for Greater Manchester

What is the Potential for GP and Neighbourhood Insights to Support HWB Provision?

Opportunity to Innovate and Promote a GM Version of HWBE

Health and Wellbeing Community Based Provision in Greater Manchester 

GM Cancer Recovery Package Workshop: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

This event, which was fully funded by Macmillan Cancer Support, took place on 5th December 2018. Over 40 professionals from across Greater Manchester came together to consider issues around the implementation of the Recovery Package for all patients. Themes included:

  • taking stock of progress so far
  • looking at priorities for 2019
  • considering barriers to achieving full implementation, and
  • devising solutions to overcome these
  • making links with the Prehab4Cancer programme

Representatives from Macmillan Cancer Support were attendance, as was Lesley Smith, the LWBC Senior Programme Manager at NHS England. The slides of the presentations given by all speakers are now available here:

Taking stock: challenges, achievements and progress…and looking forwards

Macmillan and GM Cancer: Aspirations for our new strategic partnership

The national perspective on LWBC

HNA and Care Planning: progress so far; trajectory to full implementation; eHNA barriers and successes; care plans

The Prehab4Cancer project: developing the relationship with the recovery package

Macmillan: sharing learning and development resources

Treatment Summaries: rollout via the Pathway Boards and Trust-level implementation

Health and Wellbeing Activity: barriers and successes; variety of approaches; sustainability?

Greater Manchester Cancer Conference 2018

The Greater Manchester Cancer Conference was held on 26th November 2018 at The Point at Lancashire Cricket Ground, Old Trafford. It was attended by approximately 550 delegates, comprising service users and healthcare professionals and managers from primary, secondary and social care.

Colorectal Cancer – Best Timed Pathway

The CURE Project – Treating Tobacco Addiction in Hospital

Stopping Starts Here

Haematological Cancer Diagnostic Partnership

Greater Manchester Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway

Living With and Beyond Cancer

Greater Manchester Cancer Prehab4Cancer and Rehab Programme

SACT – Closer to Home

Greater Manchester Cancer Skin Pathway

Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Pathway Board

The Changing Face of Prostate Diagnosis