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Interview Panellist
We are seeking a Patient and or Carer Representative to join an interview panel for the Clinical Lead for Psychological Support & Mental Health. This will ensure a patient and or carer voice is part of the interview process. You will need to be available on Wednesday 6th December between 15:00-16:00, there will also be prep time required to review the application beforehand.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:December 5, 2023
Location:In Person
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:Some specific experience required
Experience Required:Previous experience of being on an interview panel would be advantageous but not essential.
Cancer Clinical Outcomes Group - Patient and Carer Representative
We are seeking a Patient and Carer Representative to join the Cancer Clinical Outcomes Data Group. This person will work together with the group’s existing representative to represent the collective views of patients and carers at the meeting. They will help the group to understand which clinical outcomes are most important to patients, contribute ideas to discussions and hold the group accountable to the work they have committed to.

The group meets every 4 weeks for 1 hour. The usual meeting time is 1-2pm on a Wednesday.

Approximately twice a year the group meets in-person. The in-person meetings tend to be around 2 hours long.

For more information about this opportunity, and the experience and skills required, please read our role profile.

Following an expression of interest via email, the project manager Jenna Lane will contact you to arrange an informal phone conversation to understand if you will be a good fit for the role. We will remove this opportunity when we have found the best suited Patient and Carer Representative for the role.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:January 31, 2024
Hours/Commitment:Long Term – regular time required over a period of 6 months plus
Experience Required:Some specific experience required
Experience Required:• Experience, as a patient or carer, of using any cancer services within the 10 localities of Greater Manchester, in the past or present.
• An interest in data and the ways in which it can be used to improve the experiences of people affected by cancer in Greater Manchester.
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Supporting a funding proposal - liquid biopsy research programme
We are seeking two Patient and Carer Representatives (with experience of breast or ovarian cancer) to join us in support of a funding application to demonstrate the value of a HrC (The Himanshu Roy Cancer Test) and AOB (All-Organ Biopsy) liquid biopsy test within the diagnostics pathways of cancer.

You will be part of a group of stakeholders, including other clinicians and managers, who will help build the application for funding and, if successful thereafter sit on the project team group for the duration of the programme.

The application will need to be submitted before December, so there will be at least two project meetings before then.

Meetings will take place virtually on MS Teams.

Those who express an interest will be asked to have an informal phone conversation with Louise Lawrence, Innovation Programme Manager, to demonstrate a willingness and commitment to support the application process and design, build and implementation of the project.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:December 1, 2023
Hours/Commitment:Long Term – regular time required over a period of 6 months plus
Experience Required:Some specific experience required
Experience Required:Experience of breast or ovarian cancer as a patient or carer
Share Your Cancer Experience Story
Would you consider sharing your experience of cancer in a print and/or online news article for our website, local media and/or social media? If you have had a cancer diagnosis in the last 5 years, or are living with cancer, we’d love to hear from you. You’d need to live or have been/ be being treated in Greater Manchester.

Sharing your experience about cancer can be really helpful for others. It helps raise awareness of different types of cancer amongst members of the general public as well as highlighting cancer symptoms people can look out for in a more personal and memorable way than an information leaflet. It also helps demystify cancer, encourage conversations around cancer, lets people know about treatment involved and helps us to demonstrate that a variety of different people are affected by cancer. We are also interested in hearing from people caring for those with cancer. You can see examples of other patient stories on our news page.

To enquire about this opportunity please send us your name, age, cancer type, month and year of diagnosis, the area of Greater Manchester you live in, your phone number, and other brief information which you feel might be relevant or newsworthy.
***Please be aware we might not be able to reply to you immediately but will endeavour to send a reply within a fortnight.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:September 30, 2024
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:No experience required