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5. Interview Panellist
We are looking for a Patient or Carer Representative to join us on the interview panel for the GM Cancer Skin Clinical Lead post. You will help to form a panel of 4 attendees and interview information will be shared with you in advance. You will need to be available on Thursday 9th May 2024 from 13:00 - 17:00 and the interviews will take place via MS Teams.

There will be a short pre-meet for 15 minutes as an interview panel prior to the interviews starting.

Please be aware that as the interviews are taking place via MS Teams your email address will be included within the invite to the candidates.

In the interview itself, there will be a short presentation by the candidate and then set questions that have to all be asked to each candidate, as a panel member you will make brief notes/points from the candidate’s answers.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity or would like more information please contact us through the ‘Enquire About Opportunity’ tab below or email the Cancer Voices email address


Opportunity Details

Closing Date:April 30, 2024
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:No experience required
4. Sharing your experience about breast cancer clinical trials
Are you a Black, African, Asian or Caribbean person with experience of breast cancer? Would you be interested in sharing your experience of clinical trials? Your input will feed into a wider project being piloted at the Christie in Manchester, and Barts in London, aiming to widen access to clinical trials for ethnically diverse communities.

Ethnic minority groups are underrepresented in clinical trials, so we want to understand:

  • Were you offered a clinical trial?
  • If you were, did you take it up and what led you to your decision?
  • What could we do to encourage people to take up clinical trials?
  • What are some reservations people might have towards clinical trials?
  • What content would you like to see to help guide your decision?

Your insight will help us to create new information resources that are more relevant and accessible. More information can be found on this poster.

If you are interested in having an information conversation about your experience, we would love to hear from you. Please contact:

All conversations are private and confidential, 1 hour long, done at a time convenient to you over the phone or via virtual meeting. Participants will receive a £35 voucher.




Opportunity Details

Closing Date:June 7, 2024
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:Some specific experience required
Experience Required:Current or previous experience of breast cancer, and from an ethnic minority group.
3. "Making the most of me"
Are you happy to share how we can make the most of you as a Patient and Carer Representative? We are currently looking for some quotes/a video to include within our e-learning module which will support healthcare professionals to conduct patient and public involvement effectively.

This e-learning module will be primarily aimed at staff within the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance, but will also be available to support wider healthcare professionals working within cancer in the region.

We’d like to hear from you if you are happy to provide a written quote, or even a video, sharing your experience of how we can make the most of you as a Patient and Carer Representative.

Some example questions have been included below – you can pick one or two to answer, or even create your own!

“I am at my best as a Patient and Carer Representative when…”

“When I recall a positive experience of contributing as a Patient and Carer Representative, staff took the time to…”

“The type of projects I like to be involved with…”

“Staff can get the best out of me as a Patient and Carer Representative by…”

“I am able to make the most impact as a Patient and Carer Representative when…”

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:April 19, 2024
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:No experience required
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2. Join our small communities!
Would you like to use your experience to help improve cancer services across Greater Manchester? Join our small communities!

If you have experience, as a patient or a carer, with any of the following cancer types, we’d love to hear from you:

  • breast
  • colorectal
  • head and neck
  • lung
  • oesophago-gastric
  • skin
  • urology (kidney, bladder and prostate).

You may also have experience of going to A&E with an emergency related to your cancer, treatment or received a new diagnosis of any cancer.

A small community is a group of Patient and Carer Representatives who have experience of a specific cancer/tumour type, who come together every few months to influence the work of the pathway board for that cancer type.

We are looking to expand our small communities to ensure we hear from a diverse range of patient and carer viewpoints, and are particularly interested in those who have been diagnosed or affected by cancer recently.

For more information on small communities, and experience/skills required, please read our role profile.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:January 31, 2026
Hours/Commitment:Long Term – regular time required over a period of 6 months plus
Experience Required:Some specific experience required
Experience Required:Experience as a patient or carer with a specific cancer type: breast, coloretal, head and neck, lung, oesophago-gastric (OG), skin, urology or experience of attending A&E for cancer related emergencies.
1. Share Your Cancer Experience Story
Would you consider sharing your experience of cancer in a print and/or online news article for our website, local media and/or social media? If you have had a cancer diagnosis in the last 5 years, or are living with cancer, we’d love to hear from you. You’d need to live or have been/ be being treated in Greater Manchester.

Sharing your experience about cancer can be really helpful for others. It helps raise awareness of different types of cancer amongst members of the general public as well as highlighting cancer symptoms people can look out for in a more personal and memorable way than an information leaflet. It also helps demystify cancer, encourage conversations around cancer, lets people know about treatment involved and helps us to demonstrate that a variety of different people are affected by cancer. We are also interested in hearing from people caring for those with cancer. You can see examples of other patient stories on our news page.

To enquire about this opportunity please send us your name, age, cancer type, month and year of diagnosis, the area of Greater Manchester you live in, your phone number, and other brief information which you feel might be relevant or newsworthy.
***Please be aware we might not be able to reply to you immediately but will endeavour to send a reply within a fortnight.

Opportunity Details

Closing Date:September 30, 2024
Hours/Commitment:One-off Event/Task
Experience Required:No experience required