Greater Manchester Cancer Conference 2024 – Poster Gallery

Welcome to the Greater Manchester Cancer Conference showcase gallery for posters from the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance. All the posters are available to view on this page. If you would like any of the posters to be provided to you in a different format, please contact 

  1. Implementation of a health and wellbeing event to
    improve holistic support for patients living with
    and beyond treatment for Anal Cancer.

2. Greater Manchester Cancer Pathway Boards

3. Methods for investigating women presenting with post-menopausal bleeding

4. Live Well with Cancer Programme

5. The Christie Advanced Pelvic Malignancy Service

6. Primary Care Education for Early Diagnosis

7. A Clinical Audit Project – Is COVID being adequately managed in patients with Haematological Malignancies as per the guidelines?

8. The Cancer Alliance Role in Enhancing Clinical Trials Education

9. An ACP-led Regional Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance

10. Personalised Care Innovation Fund

11. Evaluating a new Rapid Diagnostic Centre Non-Specific Symptom Cancer Pathway at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

12. GM Colorectal Pathway Board Whole-System Stakeholder Event: Creative Inclusion of the Patient Voice

13. Aspirant Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse
Specialist Pilot Programme- The Manchester
Royal Infirmary

14. GM CT Colonography Recovery Plan

15. The impact of GM Bowel Cancer Screening Programmes on Colorectal Cancer Pathways

16. Addressing Workforce & Education Inequalities within the Cancer Workforce

87. Endoscopy Workforce Review

17. Improving Equity of Access to National Breast Screening Programmes for Ethnic Minority Women

18. Workforce and Education Programme: Developing a model for providing integrated and seamless personalised care to patients with long term conditions

19. Evaluation of the use of Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) in the management of breast cancer related breast oedema in GM

20. Health Inequalities

21. Enhancing the communication of genomic results: Understanding
Patient and Clinician Perspectives

22. Inequalities Data Hub

23. Establishing a frailty service within a satellite cancer centre

24. Head and Neck Oncology

25. Cancer Care Coordinator Training & Development

26. Empowering local communities: The “ThisVanCan” Experience. An awareness campaign and mobile case finding project for black men and other high-risk individuals for developing prostate cancer.

27. Holistic Needs Assessments
Ensuring Consistent Compliance
via a Departmental Approach

28. PPIE an Infographic January 2023 – May 2024

29. Increasing cancer screening
uptake in partnership with employers

30. Oesophago-Gastric One Stop Cancer Clinic

31. Tackling health inequalities
and increasing early

32. GM Consolidation of Oncology Outpatient Capacity

33. Addressing health inequalities in cancer care

34. Greater Manchester Chest X-Ray AI Pilot Project

35. Macmillan Wellbeing Centre in Trafford

36. Aspirant Clinical Nurse
Specialist (CNS) Programme

37. RAPID-RT: Designing an inclusive study using real-world
data to evaluate patient outcomes after radiotherapy

38. Management of Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression in Secondary Care

39. Creating a culture of Quality Improvement in the Cancer Nurse Specialist workforce

40. Patients’ journey from the Cancer Hotline to the Emergency Department of a District Hospital: opportunities for alternative pathways

41. Improving quality of life for patients with low anterior resection syndrome (LARS)

42. HPB

43. Introduction of Venepuncture in Gynaecology Outpatient Clinics to Improve Patient Experience and Reduce Care Delay

44. Sarcoma Pathway Board

45. Can we improve ovarian cancer risk prediction for women with BRCA1/2 mutations using polygenic risk scores?

46. Measuring Patient Outcomes from Cancer Across Greater Manchester

47. Breast Cancer Polygenic Risk Scores Derived in White European Women Overestimate
Risk in Women of Black Origin

48. Early Diagnosis Pilot Projects

49. Modelling the Interface between Lung Cancer and the
Immune System for Early Detection Biomarkers

50. Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance Skin Pathway Board Sun Safety & Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign Targeted Event

51. Great things happen when we work together

52. Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance Skin Pathway Board Sun Safety & Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

53. GP referral audit July to December 2023

54. Greater Manchester Targeted Lung Health Check Programme

55. Achieving the 28 day colorectal faster diagnosis standards (FDS) within Stockport

56. Implementing a regionally agreed mastalgia pathway across
Greater Manchester and East Cheshire

57. A randomised controlled feasibility trial of surgery versus no surgery as part of multi
modality treatment in stage III N2 non small cell lung cancer (The PIONEER Trial)

58. GM Cancer Workforce & Education Programme CNS Day

59. Validation of the Manchester Score from a modern perspective

60. Engagement with Primary Care Networks

61. 7 Day Ambulatory Care Service for Acute Oncology

62. Early Diagnosis for Symptomatic Lung Cancer

63. Perioperative planning for local anaesthetic (LA) skin procedures within the
plastic surgery department of Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT)

64. What can a patient expect from
Personalised Care in GM?

65. Counselling provision for people affected by cancer across MFT – an overview

66. Digital Innovation in Health & Wellbeing

67. Impact of COVID-19 on Decision-making and
Survival in Esophago-Gastric Cancer Treatment: Insights from a Multidisciplinary Approach

68. Cancer Care Review
Quality Improvement Project

69. Getting Started
with SACT

70. GM Cancer Workforce & Ed Education Programme CNS Day

71. Greater Manchester Learning Disability Project

72. ETIP: Endocrine Therapy Improvement Programme

73. HPB Is The Faster Diagnosis Standard, Fast Enough?

74. The role of Specialist Allied Health Professionals (AHP) in upskilling the AHP rehabilitation workforce

75. Alert Card Utility in Acute Oncology: The patient and clinician perspective from
a district general hospital

76. Vaginal Examination Skills Lab

77. Qualitative development of Head & Neck cancer Patient Reported Experience of
Radiotherapy with focus on Restriction Anxiety and ‘Claustrophobia’ (H&N PRER RAC)

78. Self Referral Chest X ray (SRCXR) for suspected lung cancer

79. Colorectal ePROMS: An electronic patient reported outcome measures tool for monitoring and improving quality of life

80. CASCADE: Co-design of Acute Oncology Standardised
Competence Assessment Documents and their Evaluation

81. Integrating Sex as a Biological Variable in Early-Phase
Cancer Trials: A Literature Review & Recommendations

82. The Hive of Cancer Education

83. Nurse-led telephone faster diagnosis clinic

84. PROMs in Transurethral Laser Ablation (TULA) of Bladder Lesions

85. Horizon PCN Cancer Audit

86. GM Single Queue Diagnostic Programme

87. ePROM: An electronic patient related outcome
measure service to improve peritoneal tumour
patient outcomes

88. Targeted social media adverts to drive attendance to a
self-request chest x-ray service in Greater Manchester

89. Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust cancer awareness education day

90. Alert Card Utility in Acute Oncology: The patient and clinician perspective from a district general hospital

91. Facilitating patient autonomy though promotion of internal services for patients
on Clinical Trials

92. Haemato-Oncology Pathway Board Audit of Patients with Lymphoma
Referred on a Suspected Cancer Pathway: Room for Improvement.

93. Empowering patients to be more involved in their care and clinical research journey,
through the utilisation of the Trust bedside handover

94. Real People, Real Stories, Empowering Action…

96. Holistic Needs Assessment and Personalised Care Support Plans

98. Treatment Summaries

100. Personalised Stratified Follow Up