Sarcoma Pathway Board

This page contains information from the Greater Manchester Cancer Sarcoma Pathway Board and the work it is undertaking. If you are affected by sarcoma, or you are worried about symptoms, please visit the links below.

Key People

Sarcoma pathway board document library

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Personalised Care

Embedding patient-centred, holistic practice into cancer care

Graphic shows various people walking down a road depicting their cancer pathway. The various signs along the road read; Cancer Genomic Testing – new offer in development available within some cancer conditions Holistic Needs Assessment – Helps you identify the concerns that are most important so your healthcare team can refer you to other services if you need more help or support. Personalised Care Support Plan (PCSP) – captures and provides a written record of the HNA conversations, decisions and agreed outcomes to support your health and wellbeing. Treatment Summary Cancer Care Review – conversation between a patient and your GP or a Practice Nurse to provide support after a cancer diagnosis Health and Wellbeing Support Patient Stratified Follow up (PSFU) – Give patients control over their follow up care allowing them to be seen when needed such as when their symptoms or circumstances change, otherwise avoiding the inconvenience of appointments of low clinical value. Community Groups Online Support Supported Self Management