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The Greater Manchester Live Well with Cancer Programme

Everyone who has received a cancer diagnosis deserves high quality care that addresses their wider health and wellbeing needs. But there is still no consistent way across Greater Manchester for someone newly diagnosed to find out about support available and for all their needs to be assessed.

The Live Well with Cancer Programme will work with communities, to deliver personalised cancer care, providing people with access to care and support that meets their varied and individual needs. Support needs to start from the moment of diagnosis – so that people can live as full, healthy and active lives as possible.  This programme will build on services and systems already in place across our health, community and neighbourhood settings. It will be about how we can knit those excellent services together around people affected by cancer. It will be about amplifying the great things already available, identifying where there may be gaps, and shaping this understanding into a clear offer for people living with cancer in Greater Manchester.

We hope this programme will become a blueprint for extending and embedding systematic, proactive holistic support for other health conditions beyond cancer.

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