The Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance is committed to ensuring that every patient in Greater Manchester is offered a quality Cancer Care Review with an appropriately trained professional within 12 months of their cancer diagnosis.

What is a Cancer Care Review

A Cancer Care Review (CCR) is a holistic conversation between a patient and their GP or Practice Nurse about their cancer experience. With increasing numbers of patients surviving their Cancer diagnosis, primary care has an important role in supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer. A good quality CCR is essential to personalised care  and provides an opportunity for patients to;

  • Talk about their cancer experience and concerns.
  • Understand what support is available in their community.
  • Receive the information they need to begin supported self-management.

The Personalised Care team is working with GP practices across GM to provide resources and education to improve the delivery of these reviews, thus improving the patient experience.

Over the coming year we will:

  • Publish GM standards for Personalised Care in Cancer for all practices in GM.
  • Provide a New Diagnosis Letter template for use by practices to provide a first contact following diagnosis (linked to QoF requirement CAN005)
  • Create easy read and translated versions of this letter
  • Develop a simplified, user-friendly GM CCR template for practice systems
  • Develop and deliver an education package to upskill practice nurses to deliver good quality Cancer Care Reviews

 Cancer Care Coordinators

The alliance Workforce and Education team delivered a highly successful Primary Care Cancer Care Coordinator Pilot between 2022 and 23, piloting the role of the cancer care coordinator to improve the delivery of personalised care to people with cancer in 9 PCNs across Greater Manchester. This project recently won a Macmillan Professionals Quality Improvement Excellence Award.

Many of the Cancer Care Coordinator roles have been sustained beyond the pilot phase and several PCNs in Greater Manchester are interested in recruiting a new cancer care coordinator for their area. The personalised care team will support this workforce by providing educational resources and mentorship through a bi-monthly drop-in session with Dr Steven Churchill, Clinical Lead for Personalised Care in Primary Care

Primary Care Personalised Care Resource Library

  • Greater Manchester CCR Standard

  • CCR Letter to Patient

  • CCR Letter to Patient Translations

  • CCR Letter to Patient Easy Read