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Digital Staff Passports – Information for HR Teams

Cartoon image of man with HR badgeWhat are the benefits of the Digital Staff Passport?

When moving staff temporarily, the Digital Staff Passport enables you to:

  • Reduce administrative activity e.g. eliminates the need for honorary contracts, secondment agreements or letters of access/authority
  • Eliminates the need to request or respond to employment check data requests when releasing or receiving staff temporarily
  • Eliminates the need to repeat employment checks
  • Speeds up onboarding process for HR teams and staff
  • Deliver rapid, safe and secure staff movement to respond to clinical need
  • Release and receive skilled staff quickly, thereby reduce agency spend and improving patient care
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Jess Docksey, Project Manager, MDT ReformIf you’d like to know more about this work and feel you and your team would benefit from a digital staff passport, please get in touch with Jess Docksey, Workforce & Education Project Manager and Working Group Chair

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