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Greater Manchester (GM) was invited to be part of wave 2 of the rollout of the Covid-19 Digital Staff Passport and we here at GM Cancer initiated a pilot in August 2021 to understand the capabilities of its use and exploration into whether this could provide us with a new employment model here in GM.

All our Trusts here in GM are registered to use the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport and with dedicated HR users identified from all teams.

The COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport provides a solid legal framework for staff to be temporarily deployed into other NHS organisations and streamlines and speeds up the sharing of information, allowing staff to move promptly and with ease. The information is transferred securely by the staff member through their own smartphone, reducing administrative activity by eliminating the need for honorary contracts or letters of access/authority and repeat employment checks.

We put out expressions of interest from our cancer pathways and received engagement from the acute oncology pathway to pilot the passport and we launched a 6 week survey for the acute oncology nursing workforce to understand their views on its capability. Survey results concluded that this pilot will adopt a Training, Education and Development model, which will be the first of its kind Nationally. This pilot model can offer the workforce mentoring and experience opportunities, understanding of service improvement and management and leadership development.

Since pilot initiation, we have received engagement from other workforce groups who would like to explore its use. Current connections include the imaging network, cancer screening teams, the nursing workforce, and Physician Associates. Whilst this model is what we have concluded from our survey findings, we have the resource to adapt the pilot to different approach’s based on the needs of each workforce group.

In terms of how we measure impact and evaluate pilot success, the number of individuals signed up and volume of movement will influence real life case studies to indicate how we are using this resource in practice and its benefits on the workforce and patient care.

Engagement and senior buy in is key to enable a proof of concept to be demonstrated and GM cancer is working with our Lead Cancer Nurses, Cancer Managers and Chief Nurses to ensure we can use this great opportunity to explore an alternative and future proofing employment model for our workforce.

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Jess Docksey, Project Manager, MDT ReformIf you’d like to know more about this work and feel you and your team would benefit from a digital staff passport, please get in touch with Jess Docksey, Workforce & Education Project Manager and Working Group Chair

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