Personalised care is fundamental to delivering better quality care that is meaningful to the individual, supporting improvements in health and wellbeing. This will also help to empower people to manage their care and the impact of their cancer. Everyone is different and will have different concerns when they are diagnosed with cancer; therefore we need to ensure that patients are treated as people and they have the opportunity to discuss all of their concerns, whether during a hospital appointment or with their GP, and get the support they need.

The map shows what patients should be offered throughout their pathway to ensure they receive personalised care.

Therefore our Personalised Care Programme will be supporting and driving forward the quality delivery of this pathway that should be available for all patients diagnosed with cancer.

Graphic shows various people walking down a road depicting their cancer pathway. The various signs along the road read; Cancer Genomic Testing – new offer in development available within some cancer conditions Holistic Needs Assessment – Helps you identify the concerns that are most important so your healthcare team can refer you to other services if you need more help or support. Personalised Care Support Plan (PCSP) – captures and provides a written record of the HNA conversations, decisions and agreed outcomes to support your health and wellbeing. Treatment Summary Cancer Care Review – conversation between a patient and your GP or a Practice Nurse to provide support after a cancer diagnosis Health and Wellbeing Support Patient Stratified Follow up (PSFU) – Give patients control over their follow up care allowing them to be seen when needed such as when their symptoms or circumstances change, otherwise avoiding the inconvenience of appointments of low clinical value. Community Groups Online Support Supported Self Management

Live Well with Cancer

Nurse with her arm around an older lady, they are both looking at a gardenEveryone who has received a cancer diagnosis deserves high quality care that addresses their wider health and wellbeing needs. However, there is still no consistent way across Greater Manchester for someone newly diagnosed to find out about support available and for all their needs to be assessed.

The Live Well with Cancer Programme is about gathering knowledge that would show how people living with cancer could access personalised care interventions; so that they can be supported to make best use of all sources of support available across the system and help address any gaps in this support.

Tameside Locality Interventions and Resources Summary

Tameside Locality Report

Patient Pathway

Infographic describing the patient pathway for live well with cancer

Personalised Stratified Follow Up

Personalised Stratified Follow-Up (PSFU) looks to reshape the current system of patient follow-up, allowing it to better support the growing numbers of people living with and beyond cancer, now and in the future.

Traditionally, cancer follow-up has been based on a one-size-fits-all approach of routine long-term clinical outpatient visits alongside surveillance tests. Whilst some patients will require regular clinical follow-up appointments, a large proportion of patients can be better monitored and supported through personalised stratified follow-up with rapid access to support, advice and interventions with the most appropriate clinicians when needed.

Image of PSFU protocol development outline pathway
Image showing key principles of a personalised stratified follow up pathway

The Personalised Care Team

Freya Driver
Freya DriverProgramme Director for Personalised Care
Michelle Leach
Michelle LeachProgramme Manager - Live Well with Cancer
Miranda Breen
Miranda BreenSupportive Oncology and Health and Wellbeing in Cancer
Andrea Webber
Andrea WebberCore Interventions
Simran Dhaliwal
Simran DhaliwalGenomics
Lisa Heys
Lisa HeysProject Support Officer

A recording from the GM Cancer Personalised Care Showcase Event which took place virtually on the 30th June 2020.