The Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance is committed to ensure every person diagnosed with cancer has access to health and wellbeing information and support.

What do we mean when we say “Health and Wellbeing”?

Addressing patient difficulties and concerns in confidential conversations at various point in the patients cancer experience; Providing access to relevent, up to date resources in the form of leaflets, weblinks, apps; Comprehensive, up to date knowledge of other services to support patients at different stages of their cancer experience; Identifying when input from another service would benefit the patient and offering a referral or up to date signposting information; Facilitating support groups or signposting to community groups and other relevant community services; Recognising late effects and long term consequences of treatment. Delivery of services to address these or knowledge of available service; Delivery of health and wellbeing events and courses to address specific patient needs.

The purpose of health and wellbeing information and support is to provide practical and emotional information and advice to people affected by cancer, empowering them to live well

The Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance works with the wider health and care system to connect services, share resources and innovate new ways of improving access to available information and support.

Health & Wellbeing support refers to a holistic approach to patient care and treating people as individuals with needs beyond those pertaining solely to cancer.

It addresses the social, mental and physical experiences of a person and recognises that cancer can affect patients in a multitude of ways.

The Personalised Care Team is also working closely with pathway boards and Clinical Nurse Specialists to develop new resources for patients which can be accessed by anyone at any time. Updates on this piece of work will appear here.

Health and Wellbeing Survey

Between January and March 2023, cancer services across GM were asked to complete a survey of their Health and Wellbeing offer, including support offered ‘in house’ and details of where patients are referred for support with specific needs. We asked services to compare their offer to the ‘ideal’ offer.

The survey is based on a self-assessment checklist which was co-produced by the NHS England National Cancer Team and Cancer Alliances, along with Alliance partners, and patient and public voices representation. It was first circulated in GM in 2020/21. The survey was adapted to simplify questions and collect additional information. It was also digitised to facilitate completion. Over 70 responses were received.

Reports based on the responses were circulated to all Pathway Boards and Trusts. There was an opportunity at this time for any services that had not responded to provide their response. Reports were updated to include these.


The Personalised Care Programme is supporting the development of a Greater Manchester ORCHA digital health platform for our patients and carers. ORCHA is a web based searchable library of digital patient apps that go through robust clinical validation to ensure we are offering advice and support that can be trusted. We plan to use information provided by holistic needs assessments completed in Trusts across GM and the Quality of Life survey results to ensure the apps available are targeted towards our patients’ non-clinical needs and we will be able to monitor the interaction and use of this platform.