The Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance is committed to ensuring good quality Treatment Summaries are available to all cancer patients and will support Trusts to accurately report activity through COSD as required nationally

When a patient reaches the end of a period of treatment, they should get a treatment summary. The treatment summary should include information about:

  • Their diagnosis
  • The treatment they have had
  • Next steps
  • Possible long-term effects or complications
  • Signs and symptoms to look out for
  • Who to get in touch with if you

At the end of all active treatment a patient should also receive an End of Treatment appointment where all of the above are discussed as well as the plan for longer term follow-up. It is also an opportunity for the patient to raise any concerns and is good practice to review the patient’s HNA and PCSP.   This can then be shared with the patient and their primary care team to inform them of any actions required. The GP can then update the records and use the document as a basis for conducting the Cancer Care Review.