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Episode 4: Inspirations


Episode 4: Your inspirations - What drives YOU to make a difference? In this special end of year episode, we turn the podcast over to you to find out what drives you to make a difference every day. Presenter Steve Bland speaks to four people doing very different jobs across Greater Manchester and explores the personal experiences that give them extra motivation to make an impact. Claire Goldrick tells Steve about her best friend Amy, and how that impacts her role as a Pathway Manager at Greater Manchester Cancer. Cath Comley explains how her own experience of melanoma and her dad's [...]

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Episode 3: HPV vaccine


Episode 3: Understanding the HPV vaccine In episode three, Steve Bland reflects on the study published in the Lancet that found that the HPV vaccine has cut cases of cervical cancer by almost 90 per cent (HPV vaccine cutting cervical cancer by nearly 90% - BBC News). But it's not just cervical cancer that's caused by HPV. In fact. many head and neck cancers are also related to the virus. Steve speaks to Navin Mani, a consultant head and neck surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and Steve Sweeney and his son Ben. Steve was diagnosed with vocal chord cancer six years ago [...]

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Episode 1: Cancer and COVID-19


Episode 1: Cancer and COVID-19 Welcome to the new Greater Manchester Cancer podcast! In the first episode of our new podcast series, presenter Steve Bland finds out how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected cancer services in Greater Manchester by chatting to Professor David Shackley, the Medical Director of our Cancer Alliance, Kirsty Rowlinson-Groves, from the Prehab4Cancer Programme, and patient Charmain Sangster who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during the first lockdown. To find out more about the Prehab4Cancer programme, visit our website page. You can check out this episode by using the player below, or searching 'Greater Manchester Cancer Podcast' in [...]

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