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Personalised Care

More people than ever are living with and surviving cancer.

Personalised cancer care means providing patients with access to care and support that meets their individual needs – from the moment they receive their cancer diagnosis – so that they can live as full, healthy and active a life as possible. Personalised care represents a new relationship between people, professionals and the system. It happens when we make the most of the expertise, capacity and potential of people, families and communities.

The NHS Long Term Plan makes a commitment that by 2021, where appropriate every person diagnosed with cancer will have access to personalised care including a full assessment of their needs, an individual care plan and information and support for their wider health and wellbeing. All patients, including those with secondary cancers, will have access to the right expertise and support, including a clinical nurse specialist or other support worker.

GM Cancer is committed to ensuring all people diagnosed with Cancer are able to receive Cancer care in a personalised way. Please link back to this page for future updates and resources.

Please find below a recording from the GM Cancer Personalised Care Showcase Event which took place virtually on the 30th June 2020.

Personalised Stratified Follow-up

Personalised Stratified Follow-Up (PSFU) looks to reshape the current system of patient follow-up, allowing it to better support the growing numbers of people living with and beyond cancer, now and in the future.

Traditionally, cancer follow-up has been based on a one-size-fits-all approach of routine long-term clinical outpatient visits alongside surveillance tests. Whilst some patients will require regular clinical follow-up appointments, a large proportion of patients can be better monitored and supported through personalised stratified follow-up with rapid access to support, advice and interventions with the most appropriate clinicians when needed.

Image of PSFU protocol development outline pathway
Image showing key principles of a personalised stratified follow up pathway

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