The Health Inequality Spotlight webinars are a series of webinars, showcasing some of the excellent projects going on around Greater Manchester. The webinars take place on a regular basis, each time focusing on different areas of Health Inequalities work.

They consist of 2 speakers who present their projects and host a Q&A over 30 minutes. They are all recorded and this webpage is where to find them.

To sign up to attend any Spotlight Webinars, contact

This Van Can

Millie Wadley presented her ‘This Van Can’ project that targeted prostate cancer in black men over 45.

This Van Can is a community awareness campaign and innovative mobile case finding project aimed at black men and other individuals with increased risk of developing prostate cancer. A mobile unit toured Greater Manchester, offering consultations to black men >45 years and men with significant family history of prostate, breast, or ovarian cancer.

Walk All Over Cancer

Jan Teece presented her ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ project that tackled health inequalities within the HMR (Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale) locality.

The Walk All Over Cancer project focused on increasing early detection and screening rates of cancer within HMR, to encourage uptake and provide information and support. A fashion show was created with various models, many who were undergoing cancer treatment or had recently finished treatment, to show that a cancer diagnosis is not the end, and many cancers can be treated successfully if caught early and you can go on to enjoy your life, while wearing lovely clothes.