Two trial staff stand on board the NHS Galleri trial unit

Over the coming months, thousands of participants in Greater Manchester who enrolled on the NHS-Galleri trial in 2021 will be returning to mobile clinics for their last of three appointments for the trial.

Participants will be asked to give a blood sample to help the NHS see if using the Galleri® blood test alongside existing cancer screening can help detect cancer early. Finding cancer early often means it is easier to treat.

Around 20,000 people in Greater Manchester are preparing to take part in the final year of the NHS Galleri trial.

Since the NHS-Galleri trial first arrived in Greater Manchester in October 2021 the trial has successfully enrolled over 140,000 volunteers from many different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds across England, including 20,000 from the Greater Manchester.

Volunteers were all aged 50 to 77 years old at the point of enrolling onto the trial and had not been diagnosed or treated for cancer in the last three years.