A cartoon bee in a white circle and the words "We're supporting Cancer Screening in Greater Manchester Bee Seen, Get Screened answercancergm.org/bee-seen

Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance has recently signed up to the ‘Bee Seen, Get Screened’ pledge, in partnership with Answer Cancer, the Greater Manchester Screening Engagement Programme.

This pledge guarantees that staff will be able to attend cancer screening appointments during work hours, if unable to get an appointment at a different time.

A group of women and men from diverse ages and ethnicities from Greater Manchester Cancer AllianceGreater Manchester Cancer Alliance is supporting Answer Cancer’s engagement strategy by raising the profile of health and wellbeing in the workplace and empowering everyone to look after their health.

The ‘Bee Seen – Get Screened’ campaign is raising awareness of the three NHS cancer screening programmes (cervical screening, breast screening and bowel screening) through training, staff sessions and much more.

Answer Cancer works across Greater Manchester discussing cancer and the importance of screening with local communities.

For more information see: www.answercancergm.org.uk/bee-seen