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An Irlam lady is urging people in Salford to take up their free NHS lung health checks after her check-up saved her life.

The NHS in Salford is offering free Lung Health Checks to past and current smokers aged 55 to 74 who are registered with a GP in the Eccles and Irlam areas.

Eligible people will be contacted by letter and invited for an appointment.

Lorraine didn’t have any symptoms of lung cancer. She credits her Lung Health Check with saving her life.

A woman wearing a white vest top sits next to a golden dogLorraine Bradley, 66, from Irlam, Salford, went for her first Lung Health Check at Salford Royal Hospital three years ago and was given a scan. After that she was offered follow up surveillance scans which she had for a few years.

When Lorraine went for one of her surveillance scans last year it showed she might have an infection on her left lung. However, the next surveillance scan in October last year (2023) showed there was still something showing as a lump on her lung and she was referred for further tests.

Doctors advised Lorraine to have surgery to remove the lump in January this year and it turned out it turned out to be an 18mm cancerous tumour.