A man in his late 55s wearing a checked shirt holds his hand to his chest to illustrate the area where you might feel heartburn. The words Heartburn 3 weeks or more? are emblazoned across his chest. To the side are the NHS logo and the words: If you are over 55 it could be a sign of cancer and there's treatment available. Don't ignore the burn. See you doctor. There is also a link tot he NHS symptoms website www.nhs.uk/conditions/oesophageal-cancer/symptomsand a OR code.

A new campaign is being launched by the NHS in Greater Manchester to raise awareness of the link between heartburn, indigestion and gullet cancer.

Heartburn – a burning sensation in the middle of your chest – and indigestion – a pain or discomfort in your tummy – might sometimes be shrugged off or put down to drinking too much alcohol or something you have eaten.

But the new NHS campaign wants to make it clear to the public – particularly those over 55 – that if symptoms last for three weeks or more then it’s time to visit your doctor.

The campaign – led by Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance – urges men in particular but anyone over 55 who has had heartburn or indigestion that lasts three weeks or more then visit their doctor.

The campaign also draws attention to difficulty swallowing or food getting stuck as another potential symptom of gullet cancer that people – whatever their age – need to act on by going to their GP.

The new campaign coincides with Men’s Health Week (10 to 16 June) and is particularly aimed at men aged 55 and over who are more likely to get oesophageal cancer. It is being run by the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance – which as part of the NHS and plays a crucial role in improving people’s overall experience of getting diagnosed and treated for cancer.

Posters will be displayed at prominent sites including supermarkets and roadside locations in Greater Manchester as well as adverts on pharmacy bags, radio and online. The eye-catching posters draw people’s attention to the chest area with the words ‘heartburn for three weeks or more’ emblazoned across men and women’s chests. The posters urge people to make sure they “don’t ignore the burn” and visit their doctor if their heartburn lasts three weeks or more. Another poster highlights indigestion with a man clutching his tummy and urges people to see their doctor if symptoms last for three weeks or more. A third poster focuses on the food pipe and stresses the importance of going to your doctor if you have difficulty swallowing or it feels like food is getting stuck.