Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance has commissioned some Talk Cancer sessions from Cancer Research UK to train and give confidence to people in their ability to talk about cancer in their communities.

The training is open to staff working in the NHS in Greater Manchester.

The Talk Cancer training will help you to:

  • Understand key messages around cancer awareness
  • Talk to people about how they could reduce their risk of cancer
  • Help people understand the importance of spotting cancer early and the screening programmes
  • Appreciate and address the fears and barriers faced by people when talking about cancer
  • Have effective, supportive conversations about cancer and health
  • Understand the impact health inequalities can have on cancer outcomes
  • Encourage people to take positive action, use local services and see their doctor with any concerns


  • Thursday 7th March (online workshop – 2-4pm)
  • Tuesday 19th March (online workshop – 10am-12pm)


  • Tuesday 30th April (online workshop – 10am-12pm)

To book a session visit: Other Educational Offerings – GM Cancer Academy