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Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness, October 23


For secondary breast cancer day, you can share the infographics and wording provided by ABC Diagnosis to help people understand the signs and symptoms of secondary breast cancer. You can find the secondary breast cancer awareness comms pack, including suggested wording, here.

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NHSE Breast screening assets – October 23


To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NHS England has launched new social media assets to promote breast screening. The uptake amongst women attending their first appointment is less than 50 per cent therefore, NHS England is targeting women age 50+, because we know that if an individual comes for their first screening, they are more likely to come forward for subsequent screening appointments. You can download the breast screening comms pack and assets here.

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Breast assets, October 23


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can use our breast cancer symptom awareness animation on social media or waiting room screens. You can download the animation and social media copy from our google drive.   

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