About us

Greater Manchester Cancer is the cancer programme of Greater Manchester’s devolved health and social care system. Greater Manchester Cancer covers the whole of Greater Manchester as well as Eastern Cheshire, a population of over 3 million people.

Greater Manchester Cancer has a broad focus, from prevention and early diagnosis to living with and beyond cancer and end of life care. The programme includes, among other things, the work of the Pathway Boards that were set up through Manchester Cancer and the work taking place in the Greater Manchester as part of the national cancer vanguard.

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Meet the Team

The Greater Manchester Cancer programme is supported by a committed team of professionals.

David Shackley
Medical Director
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Susannah Penney
Associate Medical Director

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Claire O’Rourke
Associate Director

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Alison Armstrong
Programme Lead

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Adrian Hackney
Director of Commissioning

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Alison Jones
Associate Director of Commissioning

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Darren Griffiths
Associate Director of Finance

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Sue Sykes
Senior Cancer Programme Manager (Commissioning)

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Primary Care

Sarah Taylor
Primary Care Lead

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Pathway Managers

Michelle Leach
Pathway Manager – Colorectal,
Gynaecology, Haemato-Oncology, Psychology, Sarcoma
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Rachel Allen
Pathway Manager – Skin, Lung, TYA, Childhood Cancers,

Head & Neck
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Fiona Lewis
Pathway Manager – Oesophagealgastric, Acute Oncology, Brain and CNS, Urology

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Claire Goldrick
Pathway Manager – Breast, Genomics, HPB, SCMG

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Project Managers

Lindsey Wilby
Macmillan Living with and Beyond Cancer Project Manager

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Louise Lawrence
MSPCS Programme Manager

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Zoe Merchant
Project Manager – Prehab4Cancer

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Steve Jones
Project Manager – Genomics

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Suzanne Lilley
Workforce Lead

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Susan Todd
Project Manager – Prostate Best Timed Pathway

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Delwyn Wray
Project Manager – Lung Best Timed Pathway

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Jonny Hirst
Project Manager – Colorectal Best Timed Pathway

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Astrid Greenberry
Project Manager – Stratified Follow up

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Freya Howle
Project Manager – CURE

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Ryan Moore
Assistant Project Manager – CURE

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Kathryn Groom
Assistant Project Manager – CURE

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James Leighton
Project Support

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Macmillan User Involvement

Paula Daley
Macmillan User Involvement Team Leader

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Natasha Smith
Macmillan User Involvement Manager

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Jane Cronin
Macmillan User Involvement Manager

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Parveen Khan
Macmillan User Involvement Co-ordinator

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Cathy Heaven
Director of Education

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Rachel Hickson
Education Programme Manager

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Molly Pipping
Education Programme Co-ordinator

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Communications and Engagement

Anna Perkins
Communications and Engagement Lead

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Debra Allcock
Macmillan Programme Lead – Lymphoedema

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Karen Livingstone
Macmillan Clinical Lead – Lymphoedema

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Alison Reddicen
Macmillan Quality Improvement Facilitator – Lymphoedema

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Laura Tickle
Lymphoedema SU Engagement Lead

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Melissa Shaw
Macmillan Programme Support Officer – Lymphoedema

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Cancer Intelligence

Chris Repperday
Business Intelligence Analyst

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Golnoosh Motamedi
Junior Statistician

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Alison Foxley
Team Administrator

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