Virtual Cancer Week – Electronic Poster Gallery

With thanks to all those who successfully submitted a poster for Virtual Cancer Week. Please take the time to look through some of the fantastic work going on across GM and East Cheshire.

Posters have been segmented into the following categories:
1) Service
2) Research
3) Education


Survival rates in malignant pleural mesothelioma; a 5-year study
Angelos Angelakas:
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Efficient Management of New Patient Referrals: The Safe Introduction of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Led Telephone Breast Pain Service.
Claire Robinson,
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Working with Service User Representatives to provide accessible information about Secondary Breast Cancer (SBC) to patients and GPs within a Personalised Stratified Follow-up Pathway
Clare Garnsey,
Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The tissue genomics pathway: ironing out the bumps
Deborah Lakeland,
Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance

The Cancer Care Coordinator, an economical version of a CNS or an essential addition to the CNS team in future proofing and ensuring the delivery of high-quality cancer care?
Rebecca Costello,
Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Supporting patients and families affected by cancer through the COVID-19 pandemic
Hannah McKearnen,
The Penine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient experience of face to face, telephone and video consultations in lymphoma outpatient clinics during the Covid-19 pandemic
Jane Gibson,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

The Complex and Recurrent Gynaecological Oncology (CAReGO) service: proactive management of complex symptoms to reduce hospital admissions and improve quality of life.
Julia Pugh,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Attend Anywhere; Using video calling for counselling and hypnotherapy therapies for cancer patients during Covid
Julie Pieczarka,
Mid Cheshire Hospital Foundation Trust

Online support for Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Cancer patients during COVID 19
Lorraine Wright,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust / Teenage Cancer Trust

Initial Experience of starting an Outpatient Transurethral Laser Ablation (TULA) Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Matthew Liew,
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Use of elastomeric pumps at RAEI
Paul Selway,
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

At the Close: The Prostate Best Timed Pathway Project
Susan Todd,
Greater Manchester Cancer

Tracy Collard,
Royal Bolton Hospital


Image review for COVID-19 on CBCT vs MIP’s
Abbie Clough,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis Retreat: An exploratory study of experiences and perceptions of patients with Breast Cancer who have undertaken a 2-day retreat programme
Emma Rodaway,
University of Salford

Patient and public involvement and engagement during COVID-19: PPIE representatives’ perceptions of technology and impact on their engagement
Glenda Laviste,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

NOTION: iN-home sampling Of cyTokines in ImmunOtherapy patieNts
Hannah Frost,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

How do older adults with a new diagnosis of aggressive lymphoma make decisions about their treatment? A qualitative study.
Jane Gibson,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Manchester Cancer Research Project Manager Network – Nurturing ‘Team Science’
Kate Vaughan,
University of Manchester

Overcoming Challenges in Continuing Advanced Therapy Education During COVID-19
Maria Farrell,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Association of weight in early adulthood, weight gain and all-cause mortality. Further findings from the PROCAS study
Mary Pegington,
Wythenshawe Hospital

Introducing effective lifestyle prevention to UK Breast Family History Clinics:
The Family History Lifestyle Study
Michelle Harvie,
Wythenshawe Hospital

Computational support for cancer trial matching: the digital ECMT cancer trial finder tool
Paul O’Regan,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Enrolment of older cancer patients in early phase clinical trials – an observational study on the experience in the north west of England
Rosie Lauste,
The University of Manchester

Access to systemic anti-cancer therapies for women with secondary breast cancer – Preliminary findings from a systematic review of the literature.
Sally Anne Pearson,
University of Manchester

Understanding the experiences of people with lung cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sally Taylor,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Presentation of a referral tool and patient information to support the implementation of the 2021 NHS England national genomic testing criteria for breast cancer patients
Claire Goldrick,
Greater Manchester Cancer

Impact of Cancer Awareness Training for Community-Based Health Workers
Emma Fox,
Cancer Research UK

Increasing Public Awareness of Breast Screening during a Pandemic
Donna Miller,
BHA for Equality in Health & Social Care (on behalf of Answer Cancer)

Development of an educational framework for radiographers working on an MR Linac
Lisa McDaid,
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust