Hello my name is…

Vicky Lau

Research Team Leader for Breast Cancer Research Team at The Christie

My name is Vicky Lau and I am the research nurse team leader for the breast cancer research team at The Christie. The breast research team comprises of breast oncology consultants, advance nurse practitioners, research nurses and administrators all working together to provide patients with breast cancer across Manchester and beyond the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical approach, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans. Clinical trials produce the best information available for health care decision making. Clinical trials are one of the final stages of a long and careful research process and aim to find out if a new treatment or procedure is safe, has side effects, works better than the currently used treatment or helps you feel better.

Clinical trials can look at lots of different aspects of breast cancer including:

  • Risks and causes – how genetics, lifestyle and other factors can increase people’s risk of cancer
  • Preventing cancer – using drugs or lifestyle changes to reduce risk
  • Screening – for people at higher than average risk or for the general population
  • Diagnosing cancer – new tests or scans
  • Treatments – new drugs or combinations of drugs, new ways of giving treatment and new types of treatment
  • Controlling symptoms or side effects – new drugs or complementary therapies
  • Support and information for people affected by cancer

The breast research team here at the Christie is focused mainly on delivering clinical trial treatments and we have many trials options available to patients covering all time points from diagnosis up to surgery & after surgery. We feel passionate about improving access to clinical trials for all our patients across Manchester. Whilst the Trust works in partnership with other hospitals across Manchester to deliver many standard cancer treatments closer to patient’s homes, for patients taking part in clinical trials the majority of these treatments still have to be given at The Christie. Through working with patients, our colleagues here at The Christie, oncology teams across Manchester, the cancer research network & Greater Manchester Cancer we are working hard to:

  • Help patients have a better understanding of clinical trials & the role they may have in their treatment pathway
  • Improve the equity of access to clinical trials
  • Be able to deliver some of trial treatments & visits in oncology clinics closer to patient’s homes.

To learn more about research and clinical trials speak to your Breast Cancer Team. You can also find more information here:


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