Latest news from the MDT Reform programme

Communication of outcomes to the patient

Responsibility of the communication of outcomes to the patient should be made clear on the MDT outcome

Standardised outcome communication reduces the time patients wait to be informed of the MDT outcome. This may be through delegating tasks to CNS’ or equivalent to provide telephone communication to patients as opposed to waiting for a letter or clinic appointment. This frees up time for consultants and allocates band appropriate workload for workforce efficiency. The project team worked with clinicians and established the aim of communication of the MDT management plan to the patient should be achieved within 2 working days where possible and a focus on re-thinking team working practices to achieve this. Below is the process the project team took to support pathways to reform the MDT outcome communication process.


  • Surgeons/ CNS’/ consultants took on all active cases
  • 63% benign patients receiving letter with a mean time of 14 working days to achieve outcome


  • ANPs take all benign cases and radiology take all screening cases
  • Benign patients receive outcome within 24 hours of discussion at MDT via pre-arranged phone call
  • Freeing up time/ workload for consultants and allocating band appropriate workloads
  • Improves auditing, proving CNS workload and improves funding