Psychology Support Group

The Psychology Support Group is one of the groups that, while not funded by the Manchester Cancer Provider Board, come together under the banner of Manchester Cancer.

P1020790[1]Dr Padraig McDonnell – Chair of the Psychology Support Group

Dr Pádraig McDonnell is employed as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust. He predominantly works at Wythenshawe Hospital within cancer services but continues to work one day a week at North  Manchester General Hospital in HIV services.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Pádraig has an MA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy through Sheffield Hallam University.

Group membership

These additional groups do not have the same membership requirements of Manchester Cancer Pathway Boards and Cross-cutting Boards. The membership of the Psychology Support Group is shown below.

[table td1=”Name” td2=”Role” td3=”Organisation”]

[td1]Claire Rehan [/td1] [td2][/td2] [td3] Bolton[/td3]

[td1] Angela M Kelly[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] East Cheshire Hospice[/td3]
[td1]Anna Dalton[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Pennine Care North[/td3]

[td1]Aruna Hodgson[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] Wigan & Leigh Hospice [/td3]

[td1]Beverley Meenan[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Stockport[/td3]

[td1]Bill Bodell[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]St Ann’s Hospice[/td3]

[td1]Caroline Lloyd[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]SRFT[/td3]

[td1]Diane Finch[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Trafford Macmillan Wellbeing Centre[/td3]

[td1]Fay Mitchell[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]East Cheshire Hospice[/td3]

[td1]Helen Tuzio[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Bridgewater – Wigan & Leigh Hospice[/td3]

[td1]Jane Younger[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Janice Sedgwick[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Jo O’Neill[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Lisa Walsh[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Louise Pennington[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Maggie Parkman[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Stockport[/td3]

[td1]Michelle Eckersley[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]CMFT[/td3]

[td1]Norma Armston[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Patient Representative[/td3]

[td1]Pat Jones[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]CMFT[/td3]

[td1]Pauline West[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Pennine Care[/td3]

[td1]Phyllis Alden[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Pennine Care[/td3]

[td1]Sam Parkin[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Beechwood Cancer Care Centre[/td3]

[td1]Sarah Burlinson[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Oldham[/td3]

[td1]Tania Hawthorn[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

[td1]Vanessa Hickson[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Tameside[/td3]

[td1]Wendy Shuell[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Bolton[/td3]

[td1]Colsom Bashire[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]Christie[/td3]

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