Background to the Macmillan User Involvement Team

Working in partnership

Greater Manchester Cancer is committed to putting people affected by cancer at the heart of improving cancer services for the population of Greater Manchester and East Cheshire. It is also committed to learning lessons from the way in which patient and public involvement has been done in the past.

We have been working with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop our approach to the involvement of people affected by cancer in its work. In late 2013 Manchester Cancer (Greater Manchester Cancer from November 2016) included a Macmillan-facilitated patient and carer interview process as part of the appointment of its 20 Pathway Clinical Directors.

Our first user involvement event

With Macmillan’s support we held a user involvement event on 23rd June 2014. The event brought together the Pathway Clinical Directors, the Manchester Cancer core team, patient representatives from the existing Greater Manchester Cancer Partnership Group (the former cancer network group), other patient and carer representatives, and colleagues from Macmillan and strategic clinical networks. Through forum theatre from applied theatre specialists Dead Earnest and group working we began to develop Manchester Cancer’s approach to the genuine involvement of people affected by cancer.

The discussions on the day were captured by a graphic artist:

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The proceedings were also captured on film and can be viewed via our YouTube or Vimeo channels:

After the event

Following the event on 23rd June 2014 it became clear that the Manchester Cancer core team did not have the skills and resources available to do justice to our ambition for user involvement. We worked with colleagues at Macmillan to develop an ambitious plan for involving people affected by cancer in our work.

This plan involved the development of a Macmillan User Involvement Team within Manchester Cancer to ensure that people affected by cancer are genuinely involved in the development of cancer services across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire. This team has now been in place since spring 2015.