EPaCCS training


There are eight electronic palliative care coordination systems (EPaCCS) ‘localities’ in Greater Manchester, all now with an EPaCCS Task Group meeting regularly representing the End of Life Care ‘stakeholders’ within that locality.

EPaCCS localities are being supported through the Eight Key Areas for EPaCCS Implementation document (RAGB-rated on a quarterly basis), which has now expanded into a GM EPaCCS dashboard, project managed and supported by the GM AHSN. The GML&SC Strategic Clinical Network also support this along with an EPaCCS Network Implementation Group that meets bi-monthly to share best practice / developments. There is close co-operation between the GML&SC Strategic Clinical Network and Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) to identify and support developments to improve interoperability.


System supplier EPaCCS templates based upon a common dataset (the NW EPaCCS dataset – ISB 1580 compliant) are available and in use in local systems. Training materials for these templates have been created to support local implementation, and provide a resource for those involved in supporting EPaCCS use. A North West template for an EPaCCS Information Sharing Agreement (ISA), has also been shared with all localities for their adaptation and completion.

The following training templates can be downloaded from this site:

An End of Life View is available in the MIG, allowing for the information recorded on GP systems to be easily viewed by other organisations, and an interface is being created by the North West Ambulance Service, between their Electronic Referral Information Sharing System (ERISS) and the MIG, to go live by February 2015, allowing the ERISS user to view the patient’s full EoLC dataset.

If you would like further information with regards to EPaCCS please contact your local palliative care team.

For further information on the Strategic Clinical Network EPaCCS programme please contact: Stephen Burrows (stephen.burrows@nhs.net), North West EPaCCS Project Lead, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network, Cheshire & Merseyside Strategic Clinical Network.