In 2014 Macmillan Cancer Support awarded Manchester Cancer a £350,000 Living With and Beyond Cancer Innovation Fund to give Pathway Boards the opportunity to develop and test innovative ideas for improving the outcomes and experience of those who are living with and beyond cancer.

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Macmillan smallSelecting the projects

The Innovation Fund was launched on 1st October 2014. Nineteen draft applications were received and assessed by a panel that included living with and beyond cancer professionals and people affected by cancer. Following this initial meeting detailed feedback was provided to all applicants to allow them to improve their proposals.

Seventeen final applications were received. They were assessed by the panel against a set of agreed criteria to ensure that the proposed service developments were in line with the aims and objectives of the Living With and Beyond Cancer Board and those of the former Manchester Cancer Provider Board, as well as Macmillan’s vision to reach and improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Thirteen applications were approved for funding, totalling £328,000. All applicants were advised of the outcome of their bids on 11th March 2015. Some of the unsuccessful applications are being supported by Greater Manchester Cancer in other ways.

Successful projects

Pathway – Proposal – Lead – Awarded

  1. Brain and CNS – Assessment of the needs of patients living with brain tumours and a health and wellbeing event – Catherine McBain – £38,800
  2. Brain and CNS – Training for wider cancer professionals in the care of patients with brain metastases – Catherine McBain – £32,600
  3. Breast – Health and wellbeing events for patients with secondary breast cancer – Claire Gaskell – £20,700
  4. Colorectal – Colorectal clinical nurse specialist group and health and wellbeing events – Sarah Duff – £35,000
  5. Gynaecology – Multidisciplinary education event on potential consequences of treatment and their management (find out more) Karen Johnson – £34,500
  6. Head and neck – Pilot of health and wellbeing events – Philip Bryce – £13,700
  7. Head and neck – Input of allied health professionals based on the risk stratification of patients Helen Rust – £30,800
  8. Living with and beyond cancer – Pilot in sarcoma of supported self-management and personalised integrative regimen for patients living with cancer – Michael Leahy – £59,700
  9. Living with and beyond cancer – Three-month self-management walking programme – Kathy Pantelides – £5,400
  10. Lung – Pilot of wellness programme – Carol Diver – £12,800
  11. Oesophago-gastric – Referral of patients for structured pre- and post-operative exercise plan – Rachel Melhado – £1,900
  12. Urology – Identification and management of patients at risk of consequences of hormone treatment for prostate cancer – Jane Booker – £17,400
  13. Urology – Multidisciplinary community-based uro-oncology survivorship clinic Laurence Clarke – £25,100

Total – £328,400

Support and guidance

Guidance for project leads has been issued. It covers numerous issues including project initiation, planning and support; recruitment, invoicing, reporting, dissemination, and sustainability. Project service agreements are being prepared, to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities with regard to the running of the projects and ensuring their success.

Projects were able to officially commence from 1st April 2015 and must be concluded – including the submission of a final project report to Macmillan and Greater Manchester Cancer – by October 2016. Project leads will report on a quarterly basis throughout the life of the project, and the Greater Manchester Cancer team will provide varying levels of support to each project on the basis of need.

Managing your Innovation Fund project