David Shackley

Medical Director

He led the development and consultation of the 5 year Greater Manchester Cancer Plan (2015-20) which is now in the delivery phase with dedicated funding from many sources including the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care transformation Fund.

Greater Manchester Cancer was set up in principle in 2013 and Professor Shackley was the first appointment. He has led the development of the organisation and structure along with the work programme since inception.  Over that time it has evolved from a Provider focussed network into a whole system integrated body coordinating cancer care in its broadest sense across Greater Manchester.

In 2015 to 2018 he was also the co-lead for the National Cancer Vanguard which brought Greater Manchester and London together as a 10 million catchment population to develop and test new cancer approaches before a broader roll out across NHS England. Prime amongst these programmes was the development of 4 national best practice timed pathways in common cancers, now part of National NHS planning (commissioning) guidance, along with other initiatives many incorporated into the GM cancer plan.

He is also the Clinical Lead at MAHSC (Manchester Academic Health Science Centre) for cancer working with colleagues to bring research and clinical care closer together. The Cancer domain of MAHSC / MCRC has contributed to the broad GM-based team which successfully brought together the £28.5m NIHR BRC programme to Greater Manchester: 3 of the 7 domains are cancer related.

Professor Shackley has worked as a consultant at Salford Royal since 2005 and his main clinical interests over this time have been renal cancer and stones, medical education and healthcare management. He continues to operate and be clinically active.

Previously he has sat on the HAELO board (Salford’s Health and Improvement Centre), was a member of the National Urological Training Committee (SAC) 2010 to 2015, and was the Chair of the Surgical Division/ Associate Medical Director at Salford Royal (2010-2013). He has been the Chair of the Regional Urological Training Committee, Programme Director and Career Lead for North West Urology (2007-10), and between 2006 and 2010 he was the Assistant National Director of Education for BAUS (British Association of Urological Surgeons). He qualified from The University of Manchester in 1992.