Trust Leads Board

Each provider trust in Greater Manchester has up to three cancer leads: clinical, nursing and managerial. These trust cancer leads are a great source of knowledge and expertise and they are committed to improving cancer services across the region.

Clinical, nursing and managerial lead groups continued to meet during the transition between the end of the cancer network and the setting up of Manchester Cancer. In addition, the allied health professionals involved in the region’s cancer pathways also continued to meet. Manchester Cancer has taken full advantage of the knowledge, experience and commitment of the trust cancer leads and allied health professionals by formalising the role of these groups within its governance structure.

The groups continue to hold separate meetings but now also come together on a regular basis with the Manchester Cancer core team as a Trust Leads Board. The Trust Leads Board provides a vital forum for the discussion of common operational issues and the agreement of appropriate actions. The Trust Leads Board also provides the Medical Director, individual Pathway Clinical Directors and the core team with a single point of contact with trust cancer leads.

The Trust Leads Board reports both to the Medical Director of Manchester Cancer and the Greater Manchester Director of Operations Group. The Trust Leads Board meeting takes place every two months and in alternate months to the Manchester Cancer Provider Board.

Group meetings and papers

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