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Mr James Harvey

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Manchester University Foundation Trust

Manchester is the centre of Breast Cancer Prevention in the UK. Manchester University has a large network of researchers who make up the Manchester Breast Centre; this is a group of basic scientists, clinical researchers, surgeons, oncologists and geneticists who work together on multiple aspects of Breast Cancer Prevention Research.


October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month in Manchester; we are aiming to make Manchester the most breast aware city in the world by the end of the month. On the 5th October at Manchester Convention Centre held an afternoon tea to entertain and to spread breast cancer awareness to men and women in the city.

Manchester is also home to the Prevent Breast Cancer, the only UK charity dedicated to funding breast cancer prevention research. Prevent Breast Cancer funds world leading research, much of it done by Manchester Breast Centre. Prevent Breast Cancer has funded research leading to the Two-Day Diet book and also in establishing the role of BRCA and genetic testing in causing breast cancer. Prevent Breast Cancer funds research in Four Key Areas; Early Diagnosis and Screening, Diet and Lifestyle, Gene Research, and, Preventative Drugs. The benefits of being the UKs leading city for breast cancer prevention research means that the majority of women offered breast cancer prevention research trials are men and women in Manchester, meaning Manchester benefits first.

We are truly a city that should be proud of all that we are achieving in supporting Breast Prevention Research that continues to benefit and educate in the North West.

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Find out more about the charity and the ground-breaking research they fund at www.preventbreastcancer.org.uk