Inspirations – join our podcast

For our December podcast, we want to hear from you!

We’ve got some amazing people working in cancer care in Greater Manchester, and we’d love to share some of your stories.

What brought you into the world of cancer care, and what or who inspires you to do your job?

You could be a cancer researcher, nurse, porter, cancer manager, CNS, project manager, receptionist, surgeon, dietician, physio or something else entirely… but if you’re involved in cancer services in Greater Manchester, we want to hear from you.

If you are selected to take part, you’ll be interviewed by Steve Bland from the BBC’s “You, Me and the Big C”. Recording will take place during the first week in December and we’ll be contacting those chosen at the end of the month.

Steve will also read out some excerpts from people we’re not able to interview, so keep your eyes and ears open for December’s podcast, released mid-December.

Please note that if you are selected to be interviewed you will need the agreement of your line manager/employer.

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