About Genomics

Genomics is the term used to describe the whole of a person’s DNA. The NHS has completed the world-leading mapping of the human genome, referred to as the 100,000 genome project. This information is now routinely used to help treat patients with some cancers and other genetic diseases. Within cancer this is referred to as ‘personalised medicine’.

The Genomics Project in Greater Manchester

In Greater Manchester we have recently appointed a Project Manager to work with our Clinical Director of Genomics, to closely look at the detail of the processes through which we manage genomics for patients. The particular focus is on the ‘tissue pathway’. This is the part of the system where the specific diagnosis is made for patients which can then lead to much treatment options. The aim is to ensure that this highly technical part of our treatment pathway is working as quickly and appropriately for patients as possible.

The Genomics Project Team

If you would like any further information about this work please contact Stephen Jones, Genomics Project Manager.