Hello my name is…

Professor Cliona Kirwan

Professor of Surgical Trials and Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Manchester Cancer Research Centre

As a breast cancer surgeon and a cancer scientist, I really believe in the importance of research and clinical trials. It is through the breast cancer clinical trials performed over the last 50 years that we have been able to revolutionise breast cancer outcomes, and doubled the number of women surviving breast cancer compared to the 1970s.

Clinical trials have shown us that the vast majority of women with breast cancer can have a lumpectomy, and do not need their whole breast removing. Research has shown us which patients need chemotherapy and which patients can safely avoid chemotherapy. Research has shown us that anti-hormone tablet can almost halve the chance of breast cancer coming back in most women.

Research has helped us identify women at very high risk of getting breast cancer, and has given us solutions to help these women, such as preventative surgery or preventative drugs. Research has helped us fine tune our surgery so that we do less harm to patients, because quality of life after a breast cancer diagnosis is so important, particularly now the outcomes are so much better.

Please help us to continue this great work and please ask your breast cancer centre about what clinical studies they can offer you

To learn more about research and clinical trials speak to your Breast Cancer Team. You can also find more information here:


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