Greater Manchester Cancer facilitated a meeting on the 28th February 2018 to explore achieving consensus on further development of a HPV vaccination programme across Greater Manchester & East Cheshire.  The day was chaired by Dr Lisa Barraclough, Clinical Director of Gynaecological Oncology Pathway Board Dr Barraclough said ‘This was a great opportunity to discuss how to progress the HPV vaccination programme. We identified the initial steps required and a vision for the future. The aim will be to reduce HPV driven disease and cancer for the whole population in Greater Manchester and East Cheshire.’ 

 The day was well attended by people affected by cancer, clinicians, nurses, public health and industry.  The current vaccination programme was discussed and what a future vaccination to include boys might look like.

Presentations were given on research and prevalence, vaccination and the current directive from Public Health England.  Dr Susannah Penney the Clinical Director for the Head & Neck Pathway Board facilitated the discussion session and closed the day Dr Penney commented

‘It is reassuring to see that people can see the landscape changing around vaccination leading to the prevention of HPV driven cancers.  It remains vitally important we continue to look at all the evidence to ensure the best care for our patients and the general population.  Open discussions between clinicians, allied health care professionals, Public Health England and patients will be essential to this process.’ 

We will continue to work with all partners across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire to help eradicate HPV related cancers.

For more information please contact Michelle Leach, Pathway Manager, Greater Manchester Cancer, email

Greater Manchester Cancer is the cancer programme of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

08 March 2018