The recovery package – Greater Manchester’s experience

Health professionals from across Greater Manchester have been exploring how far the Macmillan recovery package has been implemented in the city region.


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The recovery package, developed by Macmillan Cancer Support, is a series of interventions designed to improve life for people living with and beyond cancer.

A conference, organised by Greater Manchester Cancer (GMC), drew an audience of around 100 delegates to hear how the area has approached the question of its implementation.

Claire O’Rourke, senior manager at GMC, described how the recovery package forms a vital part of Greater Manchester’s cancer plan Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes,

And she warned: ‘We’re simply not doing enough to avoid deaths from cancer in Greater Manchester. We must do better, and we owe it to people to deliver the recovery package.’

Lindsey Wilby, Macmillan Project Manager – Living With and Beyond Cancer, said the recovery package aimed to empower patients and support them on a path towards self-management of their cancer.

‘We want to give patients the confidence to be less reliant on hospitals and on their GPs. The idea is also to reallocate resources and use them more appropriately,’ she said.

The conference was opened by Dr Wendy Makin, Medical Director at The Christie, and also heard powerful testimonies from people affected by cancer Julie Davies, Sharon Williams and Nev Care.

Delegates were also given insights into how the recovery package had been successfully implemented in Nottinghamshire

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