We are proud to publish today our cancer plan for Greater Manchester – Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: taking charge in Greater Manchester 2017-2021. Our Greater Manchester Cancer Plan sets out how we plan to tackle cancer in the region over the next five years.

Cancer survival rates in Manchester are improving. A cancer patient diagnosed here today has the same chance of surviving as the average for England as a whole. However, there remains a lot of work to do to give the people of Greater Manchester cancer services that match the best in the world. This is the first time that health and social care organisations have come together across a whole region to develop an action plan to tackle cancer.

The plan has been developed through consultation and engagement with the whole Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, including people affected by cancer. This morning the plan was ratified at the partnership’s highest level – the Strategic Partnership Board.

The full detailed plan is published alongside a more accessible summary version.

Read the full cancer plan summary and its summary here