The Greater Manchester Cancer Breast Pathway Board has set an objective to enhance recruitment of breast patients to clinical trials and ensure trial availability and information is available to all sites. The Pathway Board has acknowledged that there is considerable variability in research participation between sites across Greater Manchester.

To help address this a clinical research update in breast cancer event involving local and national speakers was held on 24th November 2016 at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. The event was chaired by Professor Andrew Wardley and Professor Nigel Bundred with an introduction and overview provided by Mr Mohammed Absar, Clinical Director of the Greater Manchester Cancer Breast Pathway Board.

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The speakers included principal investigators from various breast clinical trials. All of the speakers contributed greatly to ensuring the event was a success, including an outstanding presentation from a breast cancer patient, which effectively helped the audience to understand a patient’s perspective on clinical trials. This honest, insightful and personal presentation highlighted the importance of clinical trials and helped bring home the essential requirement for standardisation of availability across all sites and for better information delivery when attempting to recruit patients.

This meeting was recognised by the Royal College of Radiologists for 3 continuing professional development points. The meeting was attended by a range of clinicians and specialist nurses from across the region and people affected by cancer. Initial feedback from this meeting has been positive with a common theme being that respondents were enthused to become more involved in clinical trials.

The Breast Pathway Board has committed to hosting Educational events every 6 months and therefore a further event is expected in the summer of 2017.